Since 1971, the Alamo Heights School Foundation has provided a substantial amount of support for students and teachers in AHISD. Our foundation is committed to furthering our mission and goal of enhancing academic excellence for every AHISD student with a focus on funding teachers and staff.

Established in 2002, the AHSF Endowment Fund provides an avenue through which advocates of public education excellence can significantly impact AHISD in the future as well as today. 

Endowment income is distributed to AHISD annually to support several areas of commitment to academic needs. These commitments include funding for endowed teaching positions, named grants for instructional training and special programs, and named scholarships for AHHS graduates.

Endowment gifts are among the most meaningful and significant donations you can make. Through the endowment fund, you are giving the gift of academic strength, endowed excellence and long-term security for our students and teachers of today and future generations. Contributors to the Endowment Fund provide stable, long-term funding for programs that will enable AHISD to continue offering outstanding public education despite financial restrictions placed on the district by the state. A tax deductible gift to the Alamo Heights School Foundation Endowment Fund is a uniquely effective way to invest in the future of AHISD and our community.

Ways to Give

  • Cash Gifts may be made by personal, business or foundation check. Credit card donations are also accepted.
  • Pledges may be made to the Endowment Fund with payments spread over a five year period.
  • Appreciated Stock Gifts can be transferred to the Foundation. Such gifts have benefits for the donor including avoidance of capital gains taxes.
  • Planned Gifts can be made to the Endowment by listing the Alamo Heights School Foundation as a beneficiary in their will or trust. Planned gifts can also include retirement plan assets and life insurance.

Named Funds

Sustaining Fund: Our most critical fund that helps meet the greatest needs of AHISD


Suzanne & Jimmy Goudge
Traylor Azar Memorial Fund 
Worth & Arriaga Family
Jeff & Sara Brouillard

Faculty Fund: Provides funds for AHISD to recruit and retain the best and brightest teachers and staff


Traylor Azar Memorial Fund

Restricted Funds:
    • Faye Langley Cowden Chair for Elementary Education 
    • Glenn R. and Sally P. Ramsdell Fund
    • Wellness Program Endowment

Program Fund: Ensures AHISD is able to continue to provide our students unique and innovative learning opportunities


Traylor Azar Memorial Fund
Worth & Arriaga Family

Restricted Funds:
    • Caroline Gose Fund
    • Charles Urschel Guenther Theater Arts Fund
    • Graham Ladensohn Memorial Lecture Series
    • Heights Business Incubator Fund
    • Ida M. Kennedy Fund
    • Johnnie Eng Fund for Teaching Excellence
    • Martha Spoor Young Writers Fund
    • Mary Norman Journalism Fund
    • Paul A. Foerster Math Fund
    • Reid Hallman Kelley Memorial Fund
    • Rob Boldrick Memorial Fund

Athletic Fund: Funds operational costs of AHISD athletic programs, recognizing that all athletes are students first, and each coach is a teacher


Traylor Azar Memorial Fund 
Worth & Arriaga Family

Student Needs Fund: Supports the removal of barriers that some of our students face accessing all that AHISD offers


Traylor Azar Memorial Fund

Named Scholarships

  • Bob Ware Memorial Scholarship
  • Oma E. Vordenbaum Scholarship
  • W.W. and Anna May Campbell Scholarship

For more information about the endowment fund and ways to give, please contact Heather McFarland, Executive Director, at hmcfarland@ahisd.net or (210) 832-5957.